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Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Governance Agreement and Tripartite Governance Agreement

In recent news, the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation (SVDN) has entered into two important agreements that will shape its governance and relationships with the Canadian government. These agreements are the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Governance Agreement and the Tripartite Governance Agreement.

The Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Governance Agreement was reached in November 2019 between SVDN and the Canadian government. This agreement is a landmark achievement for the SVDN, as it will give the community more control over its own affairs. Specifically, the agreement will enable the SVDN to create its own laws and policies, manage its own lands and resources, and develop its own justice system. This means that the SVDN will have a greater say in how its community operates, which is a crucial step towards self-determination.

The Tripartite Governance Agreement was also reached in November 2019 but involves a broader scope. It is an agreement between the SVDN, the Canadian government, and the Province of Manitoba. The primary goal of this agreement is to improve the relationship between the three parties, ultimately leading to better outcomes for the SVDN. Through this agreement, the SVDN will be able to participate in decision-making processes on issues that affect their community, such as economic development, healthcare, and education.

The Tripartite Governance Agreement also includes a commitment to address the harmful effects of colonialism and the residential school system. This is an important step towards reconciliation between the SVDN and the Canadian government, acknowledging past wrongdoings and working towards a better future.

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Overall, these agreements mark an important milestone for the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation and their relationship with the Canadian government. By granting more self-determination to the SVDN and improving relationships between all parties, there is hope for a better future for the community.

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